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Want food high in protein without contributing to greenhouse gases? Look no further than oysters. Not only do they have a low carbon footprint compared to other animal-based proteins, they also serve to filter water and prevent algae blooms.

Oyster vs beef

little water purifiers

As oysters suck in water, they can retain particles as small as 2 microns. That’s not as efficient as a life straw, which filters particles as small as 0.2 microns, but filtering 2 microns is no small task! For reference, your cheesecloth filters particles about 400-600 microns small.

They package these particles into bundles that are utilized by other organisms for food. The filtering capabilities of oysters are even more impressive when you consider the volume that they filter per day. Each oyster can filter over 55 litres of water every single day. Imagine how much an entire oyster farm can filter. The impact of cleaner and clearer water means improved water quality for all marine life and increased sunlight penetration for aquatic plants.


a love hate relationship
Oyster shuck
the Guinness World Record for shucking is 39 oysters in 1 minute

Their shells are sharp and hard and sometimes oysters can be really stubborn about opening up. But their shells are also one of the reasons why they’re so good for the environment. Oysters use carbon dioxide from the ocean in their shell formation. In the ocean, their shells can create reefs and habitat for marine life. On land, their shells contain calcium and micronutrients that make excellent compost.

nutritionally sound

Oysters have more zinc in them compared to the same amount of liver or steak. They also contain B12 and fatty acids, such as DHA and EPA, which have been associated with improved mood. For those counting calories, a serving of oysters contain half the calories as a serving of beef.


a first date food?

While their aphrodisiac properties are hotly debated, oysters do contain plenty of vitamin E, zinc, and dopamine - the latter of which is a vital element that governs brain activity and influences sexual desires. Oysters also give you an opportunity to look sexy and dangerous while holding a shucking knife.

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